Who we are...

The Chapman Lakes Foundation, Inc (CLF) was incorporated by members of the Board of Directors of the Chapman Lake Conservation Association, Inc. (CLCA) in 2001 in order to assure tax deductible status for major gifts toward lake enhancement projects and needs.  While the Chapman Lakes Conservation Association is a non-profit Indiana corporation, it does not enjoy Section 501(c)(3) status.  Therefore, major contributions for lake enhancement projects to CLCA could not be deducted on contributor's tax returns. The Chapman Lakes Foundation fills that need, although the two organizations are entirely separate and distinct, we share the desire to perpetuate the benefits of our natural lakes heritage. 

This foundation believes it is possible to maximize the benefits of lake use by citizens while undertaking defined steps to protect lake future. It is the foundation's purpose to seek out and provide funding for watershed and lake enhancement projects that will assure the perpetuation of all lakes water quality and life. 

Our goals...

This foundation seeks to gather every appropriate kind of funding to help us undertake watershed and lake projects designed to improve water quality and lake health.  A lake, after all, is a living natural phenomena.  Every lake has a life cycle...a time of existence. What we do on, around, and neat a lake can cause dramatic changes in a lake and its lifetime. We can extend the life of the lake, or, cut it short. What we do can actually destroy a lake in a very short time.

Educating the public is a major part of our lake enhancement thrust. Most do not understand the need for care on and around our lakes and streams. It is our goal to encourage common sense use of our lakes. 

Our focus is to undertake engineering and construction that will extend the life our lakes. While Chapman Lakes is our home, we are committed to encourage lake preservation everywhere.