Greystone/Crooked Creek Project

Crooked Creek

Design/build Erosion & streambank stabilization Project

Phase I

PROJECT DESCRIPTION:  Repairs of placing stone toe protection along a total of 247 linear feet bank, improving existing stone cribs and lifts in numerous area along 236 linear feet of bank and placing riffle-grade control along 60 linear feet of the channel. 

WHY IS THIS IMPORTANT:  Protect embankments from further erosion and therefore, reduce the water velocity and sediment with nutrients going into Chapman Lake. 

PROJECT COSTS:  Estimated @ $75,000       

LARE FUNDING:  80% of the cost but not to exceed $62,500


COMPLETION:  Mid October (project nearly 80% completed)

PPHASE II:  Further upstream.  Application denied in June 2016.  Reapply in January 2017

HOW CAN YOU HELP: CLF is raising funds to support phase I & II.  Please donate to Chapman Lakes Foundation PO Box 387, Leesburg, IN 46538.

Thank you for your support and please contact us at  is you have any questions or would like to know more about CLF.




Crooked Creek

Since 2003, CLF has identified Crooked Creek as a major contributor  of sediment and associated nutrients into Chapman Lake.  CLF has received partial funding from LARE (Lakes and Rivers Enhancement for the purpose of a design build project that is to design and implement bank stabilization.  The project will be approximately 1900 LF of the Crooked Creek beginning at the outlet into the Gresystone housing addition retention basin and continuing upstream. There is excessive grade within the Creek and the soils along the banks are very sandy and easily erode. The project will be designed so that the eroding embankment sections will be protected from the future erosion.  The objective will be to reduce the flow verlocity and protect the banks.  


Starry Stonewart - Latest Invasive Plant

Last night's Lake Leaders Meeting, hosted by TWF at the North Webster Community Center, was very informative.  People representing  all the lakes in our area were there.  It was a great evening to share ideas and discuss  how others are managing the health of their lakes.

TWF gave us the following report from Jim Donahoe, Aquatic Weed Control.  This is a very serious problem and we all need to be aware of this issues.  REMEMBER, Starry Stonewart affects the quality of our lakes and our property values!

  • Aquatic exotic invasive plant from Europe that spreads rapidly (Lake Wawasee had 3 acres in 2008, and now has 160 acres)- it is in 8 lakes in Indiana-now includin Lake Tippecanoe in he channels near Pie-Eyed Petey's Marina.
  • It can grow to the surface and gets so dense that it will actually kill your boat engine
  • It grows in very deep water (26 feet) and is not rooted (actually a macro-algae)-spreads by fragmentation (small pieces grow new plants)
  • CANT ERADICATE it -only trying to control the spread within the lakes-requires several treatments /year at $500-$750 /acre of a chelated copper algaecide
  • Simple Preventative Procedures to Stop Spreading Invasive Species
  • Remove any visible mud, plants, fish or animals before transporting equipment
  • Eliminate water from equipment before transporting 
  • Clean and dry anything that contacted water (boats, trailers,equipment, clothing dogs, etc)
  • Never release plants, fish or animals into a body of water unless they came out of that body of water
  • Education & Resource Materials for Clean Boats:

Crooked Creek Retention Basin

CLF has received partial funding from LARE (Lakes and Rivers Enhancement) for the purpose of a design build project that is to design and implement bank stabilization.  Project will be approximately 1900  LF of the Crook Creek beginning at the Crooked Creek outlet into the Greystone housing addition.  This section of the creek has historically been a contributor of sediment and associated nutrients into Chapman Lake.  There is excessive grade within the Creek and the soils along the banks are very sandy and easily eroded.  The project will be designed so that the eroding embankment sections will be protected from future erosion.  The objective will be to reduce the flow velocity and protect the banks.  Start date is this spring.  Additional funding is needed to complete the project please consider a tax deductible donation the the Chapman Lakes Foundation to assist with this important project.  



Just a reminder that the boat ramp will be closed thursday, december 3,2015 for approximately two (2) days for dredging.  we are sorry for any inconvenience but next spring there will be "no more prop damage when we launch our boats!"  



C19 and Chapman Lake Drive Residents

The Chapman Lakes Foundation received a grant from the DNR Lake and River Enhancement Program to assist with the cost of removing accumulated sediment at the “Public Access Site” on Big Chapman and “Highland Drain outlet” on Little Chapman Lake.  The sediment is scheduled to be mechanically removed this fall.

               The selected contractor, S&L Environmental Group, will mechanically excavate the sediment from the lake with an excavator on a barge.  The sediment will be placed onto the barge for disposal.  After reviewing several potential sites for loading the sediment from the barge onto trucks and/or trailers for disposal, we have determined the channel adjacent to your home is the most feasible location for the Highland Drain removal.  The barge, 24 ft. by 30 ft., will travel up the channel to unload the sediment onto trucks/trailers at the north end where the county highway right-away is located (see below).  We have received approval from the county highway department.  If any damage occurs to the lawn area at the end of the channel, the lawn will be restored to pre-construction conditions.  Erosion control measures will be installed to eliminate the chance of sediment returning to the lake channel during the unloading process.

            S&L Environmental Group and I have scheduled to be on-site (north end of the channel) on Saturday, November 7th at 1:00 PM to answer any questions you might have

No More Prop Damage

NO more prop damage getting your boat or pontoon in or out of Chapman Lakes. The public boat launch located on Big Chapman will have a deeper bed. Sediment has built up in some areas of the ramp making boat entrance and exiting difficult due to the shallow water.  The Chapman Lakes Foundation applied and was awarded a sediment removal grant from the Lake and River Enhancement (LARE) program in DNR’s Division of Fish & Wildlife. 

This project has a proposed cost of $18,700.  The grant amount of $15,200 will fund sediment that has accumulated in Little Chapman Lake near the outlet of Highland Drain and the removal of sediment from a 50 ft. by approximately 35 ft. area directly in front of the boat ramp. The remaining cost of $3,500 will be paid by The Chapman Lakes Foundation through donations from property owners. Please make your tax deductible donation to The Chapman Lakes Foundation so this project may be completed.

The sediment removal grants will increase public access to lakes through dredging of areas heavily used by boaters and lake inlets that are a sediment source to lakes. This project will meet our mission to fund conservation practices that improve Chapman Lakes’ water quality and environmentally-sensitive watershed lands that impact Chapman lakes.